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This page contains answers to common questions that many of our families may have.


1.  How long is the "normal" course of therapy?

There really is no "one" answer to this.  The better question is how well you and your therapist connect and how clear your plan of action is.  We have found in our experience that as long as there is production during and between sessions, then the process is continually being useful.


2.  Where can I find you?

Click on Location  and it will show you how to get to where we are.


3.  How much does therapy usually cost?

We at New Horizons take MOST every major insurance.  We also take many smaller insurances utilized by our families.  However, most insurances pay for ONLY a portion of the full fee.  You can expect to pay anything from 15-42.50 per session.


4.  How long is a typical session?

Each session lasts for 45-50 minutes each.  The first session may last longer due to paperwork and other information gathering.


5.  Do I need a referral from my primary care physician (PCP)?

Each insurance plan is a little different in the requirements for this issue.  Moreover, Preferred Care products, Blue Choice Option, Preferred Care Option, Child & Family Health Plus, and Aetna currently require preauthorization from your PCP.  Most of the Blue Choice products no longer require a preauthorization from your PCP.


6.  What is your philosophy with therapy?

We believe that EACH family should be respected and honored.  We also are committed to ensure that each family caters their own solution based on their values and morals. 


7. Do you have any "Christian" counselors on staff?

We do.  Mark is a member of the North American Christian Social Workers Association.  He also receives MANY referrals from area church and clergy members.


8.  Who do you work with?

We work with many types of individuals.  We specialize in youth and their families but will work with anyone who "fits" our style of counseling.


9.  Do you see my child alone or do you meet with the parents as well?

We believe that it takes a family to raise a child.  Due to this, we believe it is imperative that each family supports the progress of its members.  The constellation of each session will vary (depending on the need) but each one will be with the focus on working on the agreed upon treatment plan.





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